your free speech at risk the threat of islamist lawfare lawfare

In 4 minutes, The lawfare project exposes. – The Council on American-Islamic Relations’s (CAIR) crusade to suppress free speech in the United States – Inti.This witch-hunt against Bensoussan is symptomatic of the state of free speech today. complacency towards the Islamist organizations that claim to represent them". When the french philosopher robert.lawfare: The War Against Free Speech: A First Amendment Guide for Reporting in an Age of Islamist Lawfare [Brooke M Goldstein, Aaron Eitan Meyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The free speech rights of authors, researchers and journalists writing on issues of public security and national concern are increasingly under attack through both violent and non-violent means.Unfortunately Islamist lawfare is beginning to limit and control public discussion of Islam, particularly as it pertains to comprehending the threat posed by Islamic terrorist entities. As such, the Islamist lawfare challenge presents a direct and real threat not only to our constitutional rights, but also to our national security.Lawfare: The War Against free speech exposes the history, use and methodology of Islamist Lawfare to censor anyone who speaks or writes about militant Islam, terrorism and their sources of financing. The book is a first of its kind and intended to help reporters write about national security issues, by outlining the legal framework within which they are entitled to operate.The Islamic State’s Long-Term Threat to the Middle East. In the post-September 11 era, the United States has suffered fewer terrorist attacks than many observers expected, even as the threat of the Islamic State looms. The relative safety of the U.S. homeland is in part due to the United States’ externalization of its counterterrorism operations:."Lawfare" Victory for Free Speech By AFLC on December 29, 2014 in Blog The American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) achieved another major legal victory for free speech by forcing, under threat of litigation, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) to display an advertisement that exposes Islam’s hatred of Jews and urges the U.A non-racist, unbigoted inquiry into the core teachings of Islam and what it all means (if anything) for non-Muslims Freedom of Speech and Islam This is a four minute video about what freedom of speech is, what it’s for, and how people motivated by Islamic ideals are successfully suppressing our freedom of speech, even in the United States:

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